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2018 Winter Update

It feels like an exercise in futility. At least for my sidewalks. When snow and ice melts, half the street is under water, including my sidewalk. You and many others may be experiencing similar situations. However, we still need to do our civic duty and maintain safe walking conditions for the public. This is where [Continue]

Here are some great Fall Watering Tips!

Water in your shrubs, trees, and perennials folks. Even during a Chinook. “In winter, dry conditions can actually be more damaging than the cold itself. Cold winter air is usually quite dry, and winter winds can remove water from plants faster than the roots can absorb it. This is especially true for evergreens, as water [Continue]

Water wisely

Water lawns and shrubs heavy and infrequently! Completely saturate your lawn,then let it completely dry out. This allows roots to go deeper and seek ground water rather than surface water. Only new shrubs need frequent watering. Once there are established it is best to let them struggle a little. Water during drought periods and Chinooks. [Continue]