Owners’ corner

John has a passion for the outdoors and living within our environment.

He is a technically educated professional that had his first career working with some of Canada’s largest employers. In 2003 he began his passion for the outdoors and started a career in Landscape Construction.

In 2007, John, with his wife Darlene and two children, boldly gave up a steady pay cheque for freedom and the great unknown life of self employment.

Working and experiencing all aspects of landscaping and construction has allowed him to specialize in fencing, patios, retaining walls, erosion and environmental control.

Our modern day lives and Alberta’s unique and changing climate have changed the ecological demands of our living spaces. The “norm” is now low or near-zero maintenance living spaces which many local jurisdiction’s have legislated. Alberta is on the cutting edge of this eco-friendly movement and it is an honour and a privilege to work within this landscaping community.

Cloverleaf Landworks has developed a strong local network of professionals within the horticultural and construction industries to work with customers to their complete satisfaction.

4 thoughts on “Owners’ corner

  • by Gord Vornbrock

    Hello. We recently purchased a 4 year old property in Didsbury. In the back yard, there is a wood deck measuring 10 x 20 feet, with 4 or 5 steps down to the grass. It appears that the house was built along with the deck, and then about 6 inches of topsoil was added later. Since the deck was already built when the top soil was placed, this has left a large cavity below the deck, with nowhere for rain water to go, and it does slope down toward the house, under the deck. The deck surface is screwed down, so presumably removable. Do you think it is possible to fill that hole under the deck, without having equipment tear up the grass in the back yard?

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